7 Ways To Bring More Light Into Small Rooms

The amount of natural light that each of the rooms in your house receives is not equal. If you find that some of your rooms feel too dark to feel comfy, there are a few options you can consider to let in some natural light.

You can add natural light from an overhead skylight, adjacent […]

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Modern class for your home windows and doors

When Heritage Home Design comes into your home, we want to leave it looking brand new. Whether your house is 10 years old, or 100, we believe that replacing your doors and windows makes a big difference in the look of your home.
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Window and door hardware for every home

Picking the perfect windows for your homes goes a step further than the window style--you also have lots of options when you pick your window hardware.
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New contemporary look garage doors now available

Heritage Home Design is thrilled to offer a new range of contemporary look garage doors that will modernize your home with stunning, simple lines that is also durable and strong.
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Get the professionals for window renovations

When you consider renovating your home, there are a number of renovations that you can easily do on your own, but as HGTV pointed out recently in their blog, there are also some jobs that require a professional touch, and one of them is window installations and renovations.
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Windows and doors for a brand new house

Take a look at Heritage Home Design's latest project: a new home that is being built and installed with our windows and doors.
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Before and After: Spectacular windows

Take a look at another great example of Heritage Home Design's work at installing windows for a homeowner where we were able to perfectly match the style of the home and the look of the original windows.
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15% off your window and door installations!

Start the new year right with our latest offer: the first 50 new customers who contact Heritage Home Design with the code WDI13 will receive a 15% discount off window and door installations! On top of that, we'll give you 12 months with no payments and no interest.
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Working with the best: our customers

Heritage Home Design is proud to work with the best people around--from our talented staff, and our manufacturing team, all the way to our customers. We're delighted to have the opportunity to work with you, and we take a lot of pride in the fact that you invite us into your home--that's why we take our jobs, our work, and our products so seriously.
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